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You’ll Love These 11 Savory & Delicious Breakfast Recipes

    You’ll Love These 11 Savory & Delicious Breakfast Recipes

    One of life’s simplest pleasures is starting the day with a hearty, wholesome breakfast that is satiating enough to stick to your bones. A good breakfast should provide your body with energy while satisfying your appetite. On languid mornings when you find yourself shuffling through the kitchen to pour an energizing cup of coffee or tea, you may be tempted to reach for a sugary breakfast for some quick energy. Still, savory breakfast dishes—particularly those that strike a nice balance of protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats, and veggies—can be more effective at sustaining your energy levels.

    Why settle for a sugar high when you can start your day with some savory breakfast recipe ideas? And, while breakfast is considered “the most important meal of the day,” deciding what to eat in the morning doesn’t have to be complicated. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 11 delectable, savory breakfast recipes to make your mornings easier.

    1. Sandwich with smoked salmon

    If you like lox and cream cheese on your bagel, you’ll love this healthier protein-packed alternative. This sandwich packs a powerful protein punch thanks to the Ezekiel bread and Greek yogurt ingredient swaps, and it’s about 200 calories less than a traditional bagel with smoked salmon. Combine this with veggie toppings like capers, fresh tomatoes, onions, a few baby greens, and omega-3-rich smoked lox for a savory breakfast that will keep you full until your next meal.

    2. Omelet with Black Beans

    A classic omelet is a nutritious savory breakfast that can provide diverse flavors with each bite. These quick breakfast creations present the ideal palette to tailor to your tastes. On the other hand, this omelet is a hit with vegetarians and meat eaters, thanks to a winning combination of bright pico de gallo, bold feta cheese, and spicy black beans. When black beans are the star of your dish, it’s difficult to go wrong because these legumes act as a “slow burn” energy store that is slowly digested by the body, preventing a spike in blood sugar levels.

    3. Bacon and Spinach Breakfast Tacos

    Look no further than these delectable breakfast tacos made with bacon, mushrooms, spinach, scrambled eggs, and Monterey jack cheese if you’re looking for a savory breakfast bite that can evoke some Tex-Mex spice and flavor while satisfying your appetite. Also, choose corn tortillas over flour tortillas to save half the calories while providing your body with twice the fiber.

    4. Baked Eggs with Mushrooms and Spinach for 10 Minutes

    Thanks to this irresistibly savory baked eggs recipe, breakfast is no longer optional, which will make getting out the door on busy mornings a breeze. You only need a little olive oil, eggs, green chiles, mushrooms, onions, spinach, Canadian bacon or ham, and 10 minutes to make this delicious dish.

    5. Sweet Potato & Chicken Sausage Breakfast Hash

    Morning is an excellent time to eat carbohydrates because it allows your body to burn them for energy throughout the day. And for carb-conscious people who want to reap the benefits of these energizing nutrients but are picky about which carbs they consume, sweet potatoes are known to be one of the healthiest carbs available. Most importantly, their versatility makes them an excellent complement to the winning combination of sautéed bell peppers and onions and lean yet flavorful chicken sausage in this recipe.

    6. Omelet with Ham and Cheese and Mushrooms

    Omelets are delicious, but their popularity can be a double-edged sword. Though a delightful canvas with limitless customization options, if you’re not in the kitchen watching what ingredients are used in your omelet, you may end up with a heavy, rich, unhealthy dish that leaves you feeling more sluggish and slow than when you first opened your eyes and turned off your alarm. The great thing about this recipe is that it was created as a lower-calorie alternative to the standard diner version of the same omelet—without sacrificing quality or taste.

    7. Sunny-side Up Egg Pizza

    What about pizza for breakfast? Please, yes! This inventive dish is a child’s dream come true. This combination of pizza dough, mozzarella, Parmesan, prosciutto, eggs, and leeks is a great versatile meal option that almost goes beyond breakfast. So this dish will impress if you serve this dish to guests at a casual afternoon brunch or grab a slice for breakfast before rushing into traffic on busy weekday mornings.

    8. Loaded Vegetable Frittata

    I used to believe that nothing could beat a good quiche until I discovered this recipe for a veggie frittata. The colorful, delicious combination of onions, sweet red peppers, summer squash, broccoli, onions, and mushrooms provides plenty of vitamins and nutrients. Add some fresh basil, bacon, and shredded reduced-fat cheddar cheese, and you’ve got a filling, savory breakfast that’ll make you forget you ever missed the pie crust.

    9. Red & Green Breakfast Salad

    Salads are only sometimes mentioned in the context of breakfast. When salads appear in the morning, they are usually an afterthought to complement a brunch dish. What’s great about this red and green breakfast salad is combining common brunch ingredients. However, the bright, colorful oven-roasted produce is the real star of the show in this recipe, while the poached eggs bring out the bright flavors of the roasted tomatoes and asparagus. Throw in some quinoa for an extra superfood boost.

    10. Spaghetti Squash Egg-in-a-Hole

    Whether you call it an egg-in-a-hole or an egg-in-a-basket, this Parmesan cheese and spaghetti squash version does the trick. Though a nutrient-dense gourd, spaghetti squash lightens up this quick breakfast bite, and the sharp notes of Parmesan cheese elevate it even further.

    11. Breakfast Strata

    This savory breakfast may necessitate more planning and preparation, especially if you plan to serve it on a weekday before everyone scatters out the door. However, once you’ve finished slicing and dicing, all that remains is to combine everything in a baking dish and bake it. This delicious dish is worth the wait because it contains the protein and carbohydrates your body requires to get going in the morning.

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